..as it describes a circle. The Universe is order and peace in its very core, so war is a human made distortion that must be dealt with by humans. The Universe can not be expected to deal with wars anywhere, it just accepts the interruption and seeks to reestablish order and harmony in time. So whether we humans pray to the Universe for disasters to stop that we ourselves are responsible for it leads us nowhere but back to ourselves. This is where the individual comes in. And anger. They are both absolutely healthy and should, I believe, be cherished and acknowledged. It is OK to be angry with humanmade disasters and atrocities. In fact it would be totally unhealthy seen from the perspective of the individual not to be so. We can choose to sit around and try to establish socalled inner peace meditating anger away or we can use our anger to spur energy that will make changes in human behaviour. Much too much evil in this world is tolerated and accepted because people are not angry enough. And the natural consequence is that nothing happens along the lines of change. Surely it is not very constructive to shout one´s anger out in the face of war madness but it is necessary not to suppress anger or try to "manage" it. It needs an outlet, and it is healthy to express it faced with atrocities, injustice or disasters created by fellow humans. I am speaking of mature anger. The anger that stands on its own two feet and speaks up. The anger that will be heard because it has something deeply felt to say. The anger that weighs its own words before speaking but that will not compromise with evil. The anger that says: Full stop. And explains why.

Anger in the face of atrocities, injustice or distasters such as war stems from a deeply felt sense of compassion and ability to feel deeply. It is not - as most people seem to believe - a mere need to stir things up. No.

The wars we see in the world today are mostly political and thus a game of the few in "power" to tempt the many "powerless" - I would say thoughtless - into believing in utter nonsense "I fight for my country," "I fight for my flag," "I fight for democracy." It´s all total bla-bla, propaganda that is. What is needed is not to send pretty words of compassion out to those who are made victims of such unacceptable idiocy but to stand up and speak out against it. Because one is angry with such primitive crap.

Atrocities are unacceptable. Full stop.

Anger that speaks sense is a deep feeling of justice. Full go.

Mind you, I am in no way advocating the sword. I am advocating sense in the senseless.