Hi Anatoly - yes I recall your experiences on the NewYear Retreat well. I felt they were profoundly beautiful :-)

Essentially what's going on is the activation of Higher Self, felt as light vibration, which is then wanting to infuse down into the Lower Self - hence the tingling, expanding sensations in the meditations. But it also has to work in both ways, so the Lower Self must rise to meet the Higher.

Remember me explaining that the soul has been fragmented into the lower bodily vehicles? (which happens for pretty much all people).

And so we have to work consciously into and through the bodymind so as to integrate those lost fragments of "soul gold". This causes a rising flow, which is really the activation of Kundalini - see this article here...

What is Kundalini and How to Activate it?

The Openhand energies act as a bridge between worlds. During the workshops, multidimensional frequencies are activated and resonated through the space. These vibrations cause the higher activation in participants.

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