Hi Open, thank you for your reflections. I appreciate them very much. Yes, it was the most amazing experience of Higher Self activation, strong and warm at the same time. I was moved to the core and it brought me to tears.

Trust is what i need to learn in the process. When i felt this amazing energy that wanted to rise, as i mentioned before it felt like coming to the uncharted territory and automatically some apprehension kicked in and constricted the flow. I know this is coming from my limited identities and ego conciseness. So I am working on it and softening into it as you mention in your Kundalini post.

I feel like for me at the moment the biggest challenge is the mental and intellectual realm where i identify mostly. And as you mention, the integration and softening has to be integrated into everyday life. However, I am committed to the process and will succeed (whatever that means).

I look forward to the upcoming Transfiguration course but not having any expectations. Just accept whatever comes. I understand that the process happens naturally and it is only ego that wants it to go certain way. I might as well be cooking or riding in the train when the integration process happens *clapping*

Thanks again for this great Openhand Energy and community.