Hi Elaine - greetings :-)

You've slightly misunderstood my views on starsoul energy. What I often refer to, is that whilst for a human soul the journey of integration is often 'upwards' through the dimensions, that for a starsoul is frequently the reverse: they are often already unfolded into the higher dimensions (largely), but need to fully ground their consciousness through the lower ones (often the reverse of the human soul journey).

That said, the flow of activated kundalini will be the same in both cases. What we're talking about is the varying processes in actually getting to that full kundalini activation. Activated kundalini is the constant flowing connection 'down' from the source, through one's being, and back again, like a fully connected electricity circuit when the on switch is thrown - make sense?

So clearly there's something blocking you in the sacral area - why would you become anxious about that full emotional aspect of being? The higher dimensional 'discussion' between our souls would suggest to me, that the realignment phase of spiritual evolution has been quite a challenge in past lives - potentially costly in relationship terms - although the 'cost' is always an illusion. I might ask what's happening in relationships right now?

I could suggest working with a facilitator and coming on one of the courses.

sending love

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