Hi Anatoly and Elaine, I can relate to your experience. A couple of months ago I experienced a huge rise in Kundalini energy. What followed was a huge battle between ego aspects and this breaking through of the energy. Especially at night I would, and sometimes still, experience this inner battle. I dreamed of my higher self and my lower self trusting each other more and more so that an integration could take place. But then I was shown a (as I remember correctly) a reptilian aspect which I also had to integrate instead of resisting it. The whole battle became so intense that physically i started to suffer developing a colon which hardened (and heart palps also). The energy isn't able to move through to the top of my head it stays stuck before my head. The last couple of days I'm learning more to accept the situation the way it is and letting go of any expectations. There's still anxiety to let go of the mind and trusting that when I fully surrender life will be more than okay. Yesterday the universe showed me a sign which said 'The Process' so now I know that's what it is and it will have to run its course though time and space. I know my higher self will create the perfect situation which will eventually jolt me out of my head.