Dear Open ,

Not sure if this the right forum to ask this. I am experiencing what feels like an explosion of dreams . I am dreaming complex dreams rife with symbology ( not that I understand them yet) suddenly in the last couple of weeks. Actually it started just after Bruge. Previously ,I would have vague recollection ,but now I see them in Eastman-esque detail and to help me remember I gave started keeping a dream diary- mostly it's to get them out of my head so I stop getting caught up in the daily soap opera of my dreams 😄. Obviously something has changed for me . 

How can I best harness what seems to be a massive dose of information coming at me ? Also are other people feeling this exhausted.

Last night I was literally saving the life of this adult woman in a newborn ICU . She had terrible lungs ( I saw the X-ray !)  And I spent  the whole night trying to keep her alive. I think I managed because in the dream her friend was overcome with teary gratitude ( the lady didn't remember) . Also apparently it was not my shift at all either .😄. 

Interesting stuff . Do let me know which meditation would help me decode what other parts of me are saying . Seems a load of gibberish right now 😄😄. 

Cheers !