Great article and another amazing video, many thanks to you both. The video and article are so clear and straightforward BUT not easy just Iike you say. Things are coming together deeper in my understanding and application about shifting from doing to being, attuning to my soul and recognizing attachments and fears. I'm finding my compass. I am repeatedly at the end of the day, however, very judgemental about anywhere I made choices not aligned with my soul. Sometime the reason "why" I made those choices is not readily apparent. The feelings of guilt and sometimes shame come up with the judgement. Always looking at
How I can and could have done better. With this sense of commitment I seem to take on a seriousness. I then can get tight about the whole thing. I know I am hard on myself and perhaps it is a distorted aspect of commitment. I also feel like I do not ask "show me" enough, I often forget to put that out there but am looking for some answer. I'm not sure what the resistance is to that but I have always had a hard time asking for help. Part of me is getting tired of many of these limiting feelings and behaviors. I often feel like the character in Groundhog Day when I wake up. Here I am again in this life going so see how this shows up today and how better to work with it.
With love,