well I think I answered my own query last night and this was karmic I was in so much pain I was in tears and I thought I have to soften into this so I did The feeling around my lower stomach area was very strong to my hands - I could feel it felt like a box or something like that it was completely around my lower stomach and back. So strong it almost was pushing my hands away Unsure what to do I just thought I'm going to release any karma involved and channel the energy through my hands to break this up whatever it was. The energy flowing through my hands felt the strongest its ever been. I saw some "pictures" of me I think I a hospital type gown and hospital type places. Anyway I woke up and the pain has gone! Last time (a couple of weeks ago) I had a similar infection and it took over a week to clear. I have been able to bring healing energy through me before for others but always felt it wasn't really doing what was needed to do - the person was never getting to a cause just to a symptom so stopped offering it to others. This time though I could sense what needed shifted so it felt different somehow. I havnt been able to soften into the head pain so far I don't know why . I think its too close to the part of me I use to soften if that makes any sense. I also awoke with the feeling of could this be collective karma - is that why there are big groups of people all ill sometimes at the same time? Theres wave after wave of illness happening up here in the North of Scotland where I live.