Hi Elaine,

Sounds like you're having a powerful exploration - and very resonant of the kinds of things we encounter on the Openhand gatherings.

You asked earlier...

    "I am wondering can one create illness in order to stop one in ones tracks?"

Most definitely yes! It's the soul's way of saying... "yoohoo, remember me, slow down, I'm right here!".

The karma you've described sounds very much like intervention karma. People are encountering similar all the time. The book DIVINICUS helps explain what that's all about if you'd like to explore deeper.

What's going on in your head sounds like an implant - usually they're connected to the kind of karma you've been experiencing.

You have the power to push them out. But I'd say two things are necessary to know first: (1) you have to stay anchored to the lower chakras as you do it (2) when you start to push them out, work to intuit how they're connected. Then just feel breaking the ties so as to push out the implant. Your intuition will know what to do.

Finally, when working to help 'heal' another, it's essential that their own self-realisation happens as a part of the process. There's two aspects to healing: (1) self-realisation of the soul (2) removal of the karmic blocking energy. A healer can remove the karmic energy, but it will only come back in a different form if the soul hasn't self-realised what it was meant to.

That's why in the Openhand Facilitation, facilitated self-realisation is an integral part and precedes healing energy work - we use deep intuitive questioning to get the heart of the matter. Sometimes though, simply resonating the soul frequency might be enough. It sounds like that's what happened in your case.

Sending love

Open <3