thanks so much that's so helpful! the ray 1 thing really resonates - I read your article and it really resonates. I have really struggled with "adversity" and struggle to get back up in fact I have taken any setbacks as signs I am not in a good flow and withdrawn from things . Haha and I realise I have been drawn to watch things that have warriors in - last night one of the warriors in what I was watching said "when you fall down get back up again straight away" also there was a scene where an implant was removed from the back of someones neck! I have been judging myself for being drawn to watch things recently having not watched anything for about 10 years! I couldn't understand why I was being drawn to do this. Yet everything I have watched has been about warriors fighting for the good - heroes and heroines. Haha and my grandson is always charging about as a "warrior" My head pain has completely gone I felt I managed to remove the implant and saw it as a certain shape and in the scene last night the implant was exactly the same! thanks again your sharing is so helpful