Hi Elaine,

A deep exploration indeed - wonderful <3

When people are in relationship for a long period of time, then there can be a kind of 'taking for granted'. Especially energetically - energetic ties form, especially on the emotional plane. This can diminish the chemistry over time because it denudes the kundalini energy.

So separating can often reignite the chemistry because each takes back personal sovereignty more and embodies their energy more - that's what becomes so attractive again.

If you then get back into relationship, with the same partner, and you'd like it to endure, it's essential to establish boundaries - make sure you continue to do the things that ignite your soul by yourself, and encourage likewise in your partner.

Also, especially after sexual intimacy, it's important to work on bringing the energy back inside yourself. Which can be done with meditation and breath work. Self pleasuring is also still important in relationship, because it helps to embody the kundalini within yourself - not to dissipate it always into your partner.

Those are just some things that jump out.

Wishing you well

Open <3