Hi Skytom - a powerful and important subject - thanks for introducing it. Greetings, you are most welcome here :-)

You raise so much in just a short intro. Let me see if I can engage some of the main threads in various responses below.

    "How do we release energetic bonds with others who we are no longer physically with?"

You could broaden the question into "how do you release fragments of yourself lost in past realities?" What we're really talking about is how the soul comes into this density, and for various reasons (like compelling relationships), gets lost and then essentially fragments into these situations. Crucially, the energy of these situations is now contained inside, like compacting layers at the bed of a flowing stream.

So the key is always inside of yourself.

In the Openhand work, we use chakra breathing meditations to open into these layers, bringing full awareness to the unconscious 'blind' areas where the soul has been fragmented. Then it's important to regress into these blind spots, these situations, and fully activate them in your awareness - seeing the imagery of the person involved, feeling the feelings - the pain and trauma - everything most people don't want to do! However it's the only way truly out of the situation.

What I'm talking about is what the shamans call "soul retrieval". It's a fundamental aspect of the Openhand course work. You can read about the 9step process we employ here...

Openhand 9step spiritual healing process for dealing with subconscious trauma