So here's another of your questions Skytom...

    "How does one exert sovereignty to overcome an energetically possessive partner?"

I've experienced the 'raptor consciousness' in women (when distorting the divine feminine ray 2) is every bit as powerful as that in men (when distorting the warrior ray 1). It often acts on the emotional plane, and literally sends out energetic tentacles that then wrap you in.

Crucially though, it can only work where there is some emotional attachment in yourself (everything is only ever in you!).

Is it perhaps because of sense of compassion? Wanting to support and take care of? These things can subtly lead into taking ownership of your partner's journey in some way. This often happens in the sense of protectiveness of the warrior for the divine feminine.

You have to be courageous enough to allow your partner (or ex) to walk their own path, even if they might struggle along the way. You have to work to let go. Hold the space, be empathically supportive, yes, but it is their journey, not yours!

Crucially then, work to recognise your own weakness - potentially needing to carry the burden for the other. Or often, sense of guilt, if you walk away.

In which case, if you still feel the attachment (from them - which is YOUR attachment), then I would suggest regressing back into the situation. Perhaps see yourself with them sitting at a crossroads in the path. Wish them well, but then cut the ties. Let them walk their own path, knowing that every soul is seeking full sovereignty.

Open <3