This below is a very powerful sharing, and I suspect many out there have experienced similar...

    "Her spirit still seeks me in bed, whereupon the merge, pulls energy from me (or other times she feels she needs it). I still feel the arise of her nervous system when she awakes or notices that I am not in my bed; I have obtained her memories, smells, tastes, nerves, and sexual actions; her reality effects my blood pressure and my sleep; while my intuition has been shifted to include her interests."

You have to realise this is all about you, not her.

You are a sovereign, unique and individual soul.

However, clearly you are deeply empathic - which is unusual at this strength in a guy - a powerful healing gift indeed.

My sense is there might still be some unresolved 'business' between you. There's possibly something at a soul level that is still looking for completion (in you).

So where's the neediness in you? Where's the resistance in you? And crucially, where do you go unconscious? Having another soul come into your field is not the problem, the problem is them getting stuck there because of your own blindspot.

On this last point, I'd say there's something powerful for you to learn. My sense is that's about how to become a deep healing catalyst.

On the Openhand courses and gatherings, I feel souls coming into my field all the time, 24/7. In fact that's very much a part of the approach. You then get to feel people's blockages and challenges, inside yourself. In feeling them, you may then bring activational consciousness to the blockages - which starts to make them unravel (in the other people).

It's a very advanced healing modality.

So before throwing the baby out with the bathwater, this might be worth exploring. However don't expect you'd master it in a moment - it could take some considerable time.


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