Open, I must say I very much appreciate your informed, articulate, and giving responses. I have been reflecting on your statements for the past several weeks, but I am sort of at a loss for the whole situation.

It is dually confusing for my former girlfriend's history of childhood trauma, and how according to many of the trauma therapists which I spoke to, that those individuals are largely split between their physical pursuits and what they energetically seek. The traumas are so great that they choose a more superficial existence.

I feel that I am quite good at breath, but perhaps there is a principal which I am not understanding. I can drop into a parasympathetic state, allow for great range in breath dependent upon what I am orientating towards, but I have yet to figure out the /release/ portion. Then again, the body workers and energy healers have not had any success either.

I also think of one's ego, and where do we draw the line? For in the truest since we should be accepting to all, that no sin is too great? But there is a physical reality to this, or at least perhaps I think there should be. It is one thing to forgive; but another to be enmeshed with another, energetically experience their trials, and in a place where the energy is so great where one is driven to align with them. I suppose that may be the karma of which you speak.

Thanks for your assistance!