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I am nine months since posting, and 4 years 2 months since the breakup, and this situation largely rests the same for me.

The only thing that seems to lessen the anxiety within my body is if I allow my former girlfriend to energetically associate with me, and if I state that I will move out to where she is to be with her (for I have experimented with the full range of thoughts).  She has physically moved on and in with another, but energetically we possess a strong bond which greatly impacts me, and feels like the both of us.

She holds a sizeable amount of fear, and distorts a loving intention into something which is fear-based, as well as that of her moderately-affluent, superficially put-together, but intimate-adverse and avoidant community.  Conversely, actions which are fear-based, she almost seems to rationalize within other intimate relationships.  The unconscious and conscious are so split, that I do not know how to properly tend to, for all methods of physical or verbal communication have been blocked, and she returned to where she was living (she moved out to be together, then she left, then five months after the breakup, I moved out to where she was for many months in the midst of her dating others, where we did not talk and only by chance encountered each other once, then I left, only to witness the psychic energy intensify).  I only state this, because this conflict appears to be the growing pattern in America, where individuals are progressively split, and it would be beneficial to better know how to work with them, for times in which we are socially constructed to (such as in work or community settings).

I have visited with countless healers and shamans, am involved in qigong practices to release the blockages, with reiki to additionally fill in the energy loss, among other modalities and exercise, and Taoist meditation practices, but Open's words above are what I keep on coming back to.  Perhaps Open, we could discuss this situation in greater detail, should you still offer spiritual facilitation?

And, what is the difference between love and attachment?

Is attachment mutual?  It feels so for me, given the energetic distortion which impacts my thoughts and reality.  How do we leverage attachment for the best possible growth of all individuals involved?  (Which I believe is the original evolutionary reason for attachment.)  For I have been unable to release the attachment.

That said, I am unable to hold my energetic vibration to where it was prior the enmeshment, but for the time in which I do, my former girlfriend exerts no influence; and my thoughts, actions, and being return to normal.  Other than obtaining for a few minutes, I have recently obtained this state for about one day a few weeks ago.  According to some healers, there is a great negative energetic force attached to her family, which I have also have sensed.  Despite my former girlfriend being a slight energetic drain, this negative force, which is riding off of her, has been able to pull an immense quantity of my energy from my body within a second.  I am able to distinguish between her being, and this entity's being.

(I write all of this to make it public, for I believe as a society we need to be more open with regard to how energy affects our lives.)