Hi, --

Open, Thank you for checking in.  I trust that perhaps you read this a couple weeks back, and perhaps tried something?

And thank you Margaret for also weighing in.

"All much improved.  I am trusting intuition again, keeping a positive spirit, and radiating warmth were I see fit.  I see that I love this woman and she loves me, and I am going to move out to California in trust that love will reappear in my life, for that is what intuition advises so."

Or battling that incoming energy, with immense tension to prefrontal cortex, third eye, and tension in the body, and what I want to logically say: "All relatively similar here."  And then I am entirely energetically blocked from writing any more.

If I am obedient to energy, it leads to her; if I oppose then immense tension in my body.  But I do not believe that it is my energy.  The energy around her and that family is very strong, -- to the point that I have seen it make seemingly strong people complacent puppets; or my friends reiterate statements in similar tone, word choice, and sentence structure to my former girlfriend with statements of fact that were outside of their direct knowledge; or impact nature enough during clearings to transform calm sunny days immediately into a localized front of stormy gusty and dark until the clearing is stopped, which then immediately sees the sky clear.

I will write more once energy lifts.