Per Margaret's question, I feel great if I am away from this energy, for the sparse time that I can orientate to another, or call in enough energy to momentarily have her energy cleared from my orbit.  There is a lot which is chaotic and distorting with regard to the energy which surrounds her, incurring thought forms that I failed to previously have, or have when she is cleared.  The karma of murder, incest, rape, and blunder runs deep in her family line; which she herself and her sister were also victims.  Then there is perhaps the karma between our families: according to a few different people, who stories align in either locations or situations; her ancestors killed some of my ancestors, and one of her ancestors was romantically involved with one of my ancestors.

I have recently taken to resolving some of the entities that I sense which are around, -- which appears to be that of the spirits of which the family murdered.  And then pulling out that distorting thought form energy from self and from her (like how an energy worker pulls with physical hands), which thus far, in the past few days, has seemed to do the trick.  I do not know where I am sending that energy, or what karma I am incurring, for I am certainly do not seem to be transmuting those energies.

If I orientate to self or other, then body closes tighter (any gains through practices, bodywork, or other is lost), while if allow her energetically in, then body tension calms; if I state that I will move out to California, then my body opens, but that allows more of her traumas and emotions in of not just her, but I believe her and her entire family.  It also allows a distorting energy which I would otherwise call "love", which seems to align our intuition and psychic future.

Some have said the strength of this is related not to her, but to the possessing power which is accompanying her family, as much as she is fuel for that entity, so am I through this attachment.

That said, positive incoming energy from others helps to also repel my former girlfriend's incoming energies (if people like what I say in front of a conference, or on the television).  My body is much too stuck now, to generate enough in order to buffer, and any that I create, seems to be psychically transmitted to her and her family for healing (she does feel emotionally more stable, and less an energetic drain, with a higher energetic vibration).  Regardless, whatever positive loving energy I end up obtaining, I also lose.

As for Open's earlier comments with regard to soul fragments, -- I have met with several somatic therapists, trauma therapists, and other bodily treatment modalities; engaged in breathwork, various bodywork, and energy healings.  Whatever glue is here is quite deep, according to the awareness of everyone that I have interfaced with.  But I am doing the best that I can.

I suppose that I see attachment always as mutual.  For if one person or a concert of people is hanging on strong, then the other needs equal the strength in order to degrade and release the bond.  This enmeshment is new for me, and I could write at length at what occurred which perhaps lead to it; which mind you was over one year after the breakup of a three-month relationship (an intense amount of incoming energy which I could not off-load).

I presume what Open means by holding space, is by radiating light, allowing the energies and thought forms to pass through one.  I feel that I have done this as best that I can.  As for the letting go, I do not know what the hold up is from my side, for I feel that it is more incoming from hers, and I lack the strength to permanently sever.  (For the record, she also was the one to terminate the relationship, mostly out of fear of intimacy, and terminated all physical contact.)

I also feel souls entering my field, but no one else has ever stuck, or certainly ever energetically follows me in bed.  That said, no one else also carries the trauma load which she has carried, for I historically have always have avoided such individuals.  This was the one time in which I allowed some one in, that I knew that I should not have, for I was naively thinking as I grew older that all have issues and all are eager to personally confront to resolve.

I agree that every soul is seeking full sovereignty, but I suppose now I see it that energetic sovereignty is not guaranteed.  It feels like to me, that my former girlfriend is seeking me so strongly in order to help.  Despite our brief relationship, it was clear to me that it was the most intimate she had been with a person before, and among a highly-privileged but avoidant, shallow, and blame-ridden social structure of family and friends; perhaps the soul sees energetically latching on as a way out.

With regard to where I go unconscious, that is where perhaps I have a hang-up that I am only recently growing to understand.  Maybe it is less about me, and more regard the great range of thoughts and emotions which cycle within individuals throughout a day, as well as the wide separation between their conscious thoughts and actions, and their unconscious intentions and dreams.  Still a lot more to learn in regard to here, and I feel that I require greater experience in order to see.

All and all thank you both, and everyone for contributing to a more loving universe.