Thank you for the openness in your sharing. Last night, after tuning into what you were saying in your posts and writing mine I experienced a more tangible manifestation of that energy. It felt like a collective of individual human energies sharing a common thread. There was something "inhumane" about those individuals... like centuries of dehumanizing practices, maybe abuse rituals. My heart goes out to you, Tom. This is an interesting experience your soul chose to have in this lifetime.

As compelling and complex as it may sometimes appear, the story is just a story. Yours feels to me like a labyrinth filled with strange objects. Almost as if someone designed it for a soul to wonder around, get lost in its strangeness and disorienting qualities. If you focused, simplified and try catching an essence of the story, I wonder what would it be about for you? I'm guessing this energy wants you disoriented and spread in many directions. 

There is an Openhand event in Chicago in April, I think. A good opportunity for an intense exploration, if it feels right for you. 

With love,