Hi Skytom,

It's a complex situation indeed, clearly with lots of karmic history. As challenging as these are, the inquiry ultimately leads to soul infusion and greater sovereignty, whilst at the same time, enabling you to be sensitive and empathic to other people's challenges - it's where the boundaries get blurred that soul fragmentation happens. It's important to work to see this not as a negative thing however, rather the potential for the forging of the soul.

Clearly you have ancient connections to ex and her family. In which case, simply trying to pull away may well be counterproductive - because energy remains in the connections. The important thing would be to honour the pull of the mainstream of your soul - what is the 'right' thing to do now in terms of alignment?

In following the mainstream of the soul, you'll start to pull on 'karmic tethering' that binds into the connections. The trauma will come to the surface progressively and invite you to work through it. So it's important not to strategise - "I should do this or that". Rather to go with the flow and work with what comes up.

It sounds to me as if some face-to-face healing with your ex may be necessary, assuming she is open to it. That may well speed things along. If she's not open to it, you can still reclaim those lost fragments by working at the higher soul level. It's just deeper and more involved. Working with a facilitator in this case may well help things along.

Keep inquiring, keep digging, keep unravelling. Work to see it less as an inconvenience and more as the potential for evolutionary growth.

Best wishes

Open Heart