Hi Margaret & Open,

Not much has changed.  I felt when she became pregnant, with the fetus attached to me feeling that I was the father.  I tried pulling their energy out, and relocate to her partner, which seems to have been successful, although I am now less energetically aware (I needed to check out).  I also successfully pulled out some of the other energies which attached to me, which were related to her, but her energy I have been unable too, just like the many healers in which I have visited.

Intuition used to direct me to her, and to moving where she is in California, but that has now shifted (I threw intuition under the bus during this experience for it was so at odd with physicality).  It was confusing for her unconscious emotions were far off from her physical actions.  I have not physically heard from her in over four years, but we are still quite empathetically linked.  Thereby there is no face-to-face healing possible, for she fled, and blocked all contact. 

In terms of working at the higher soul level, unless I am mistaken, that is where the conflict lays.  That her soul is in conflict with her physical ego; that her soul stills wants to be together (just not now).  I, or other healers, have been unable to shift any of this, and thus everything has been stuck.  Immense physical work has had no effect, although energy incoming (reiki) appears to help both her, and her partner, for their vibrations have greatly changed (at least it feels like).  Accepting her merging with me during the night, -- embracing it, -- also seems to help, rather than obtain her anxiety if I deny or dispute the bond.

As for inquiring, digging, or unravelling, I really do not believe that I know how to.  I am considering attending our New York City event in September, -- would any of this be covered there?  Chicago was a bit far when you were last in North America (as well as the Canada visit), while New York is drive-able.

Margaret also thank you for the link you PM'd me some time ago.  It was a bit much for me, but the thought was appreciated.  I have read considerably, and talked with many, but I still feel as though I am missing some significant piece.

All in all, this has been a bit much.  And I would love to know what I am doing (or not doing, or have done) for this to occur especially in this intensity.

It is just really sad.