Hi Tom,

It's good to hear that the New York gathering is an option for you. This will give you an opportunity to dig deeper into what is really going on and unravel from there. Whatever you wish to bring out for exploration during the retreat will be addressed as there is always lots of individual work that Open does. 

There is still a fair bit of preoccupation with the other person that I notice in your post, which may be pulling some of her energy into your world. But there is much more depth to your situation than what's going on on the surface. You might want to consider working directly via Skype with one of the Openhand facilitators. If you feel like it, take a look and see if there is anyone that you find suitable. I am on that list, but all of us are capable of working with you and the key is to follow your core instinct in that regard.


As far as I remember, the link I sent you was to an article on strategies the opposing consciousness employs to create supernatural depleting bonds between couples. It's worthwhile reading.

With love,