Hi Elaine,

What you describe are classic symptoms of Opposing Consciousness - an energy that plays on people's doubts and fears, to keep them locked in a downgraded (or flat) plane of consciousness. Because in this way, people literally bleed energy out into the field which that consciousness is then able to assimilate.

So you might feel adventurous and want to try something exciting and new - a business for example. And following that path, might be very expansive and liberating, which is against the agenda of the Opposing Consciousness. Doubt then seeps in at a mind level, which in itself, starts to deplete the creative field around you, so that the authentic manifestation won't come into being.

If you suspect this might be happening, then there's a number of things you can do:

  1. First and foremost, keep exploring the authentic yearning around the venture. Even if there are doubts, keep regressing into the feelings the venture originally gave you. Focus on what it felt like: was it joyful, liberating, expansive? Keep regressing into and building these feelings.
  2. Watch for synchronicity supporting that pathway. When you're being positive about it, do signs and synchronicity click in to support it? If so, pay close attention, write them down, and keep reflecting on them. This helps build a positive landscape in the direction of the venture.
  3. Once you've started building the positive, then work on the doubts and fears. Opposing Consciousness can only influence something that is already inside of you. Go into the fears and doubts, dig deeper and deeper into the layers until you get right down to the source fear - could it be for example, stepping out and being seen in a spiritual role?
  4. As you work into the fears and doubts, fully express them, become as one with them. Then in the midst of them, know yourself as The One through the experience. In other words, the doubtful experience does not define you.
  5. Now look for something powerful and positive to dissolve the doubtful energy and with that, eject the Opposing Consciousness. Animal medicine is a perfect way to do it. Buffalo for example is strong and resilient. Call on that energy into you field to eject the Opposing Consciousness. Or what ever animal medicine makes you feel strong.
  6. Finally, if you're getting into a new venture, once you've processed the Opposing Consciousness out in this way, put some creative energy in the direction of your new venture - commit some finance or resources to it. This increases the sense of commitment and positivity, which the universe will then reflect to you in your life.

It sounds like intuitively you're already accessing the place that understands how to work this. So just keep exploring, keep digging deep, and keep moving forwards. Then you'll most definitely shake the Opposing Consciousness from your field.


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