Hi Open,

I love your exploration of how you worked through the densities that came up, including your disappointment at the end of your travels when it appeared it was all for naught. Yet you didn't give up and kept going, trusting the 'right' car would miraculously manifest. And it did! You found an "Opel for Open". I do get key words out of nowhere sometimes without knowing the significance and have discovered they are important cues and signs from the universe.

I recall an experience four years ago when my partner and I were looking for a more affordable place to live. We searched for weeks but found nothing and were about to pack up and move to a less expensive city.

I woke up suddenly from an afternoon nap and heard the words, "Check out the rental ads now." Although discouraged, a strong sense of will arose from within as I lay there on the bed. It felt like I floated from the bed to the computer in the next room. As though uplifted on the wings of angels. In a sense, flying.

I opened the first rental website that came to mind, and there it was! An ad for the perfect place for us at that time. When I called the contact person, I discovered that the initial ad had been removed a few weeks prior, but the deal fell through so had just been placed again that very afternoon. I was the first person to call. We got the place!

Here we are feeling the pull to relocate again. Somehow, somewhere, whatever wants to unfold will fall into place if I trust in synchronicity. That's what miracles are. Trust hand in hand with the divine flow. As Trinity once said here on the forum, "There is just flow."

x Cathy