Hello! This is my first post on Openhand :D

Let's get straight to the point:

I'm very familiar with all spiritual concepts and basically what one needs to "do" to ascend, but I'm still financially dependent on my parents and I can't dedicate myself entirely to the Path. So I need to know what is the best way to put all this in practice effectively NOW.

I'm not trying to rush the process! I know it takes lots of time and focus (and therefore patience), but since my inner and outer worlds are totally connected, it makes me feel a bit anxious to know that I'm not dedicating to the Path. In other words, if I'm not using my time to reharmonize with Source now, it will be more difficult (or take more time) to achieve my financial independence and thus have the time that I need to reharmonize fully with Source. Did you get my point?

Fortunately, I know that I'm on the right track regarding to my job and the dreams that come from my heart. Also, I'm not eating meat/dairy anymore and choosing food in a conscious way.

- Do I need to be present in my body (mindfulness) 100% of the time in my daily routine?
- How many maditations a day, at least? Should I use affirmations and visualizations as well?
- What should I priorize in my meditations? Higher dimensional contact?
Forgiveness? Healing fears? Being allowing to receive?

Open, if you answer this I'll be forever grateful!

*sorry for any english mistakes*