Hi Ebellon, great to meet you and a warm welcome to Openhand *OK*

First let me say that for sure, it doesn't matter a jot what your circumstances are - we manifest exactly the environment we need to explore the lessons presenting right now. So your situation is perfect - until you integrate more soul and then it will likely change.

For me the first step in approaching the path, would be to become the observer of everything that you do and experience. So in relation to what takes place in the outer, just notice and feel what goes on in the inner. Then work to let go of the need for an outcome from any situation - although do commit yourself to the inquiry of what presents.

What tends to happen from this approach, is to begin to experience yourself as the observer and progressively presence - ie, not the ego that is bound up in everything.

In terms of meditation, the key is to find what works best for you. And by "works best", I mean what gives you a sense of rightness, alignment and the sense of authentic YOU?

That said, usually meditating at least three times a day would greatly help - first thing in the morning is good, before you get into the busyness of the day. Then personally I'll meditate around noon and also in the evening. It doesn't have to be too long - just building up to 30 minutes each time would have a greatly beneficial effect. Although as you begin to really enjoy it, and if you have the space, you could build up from there - plenty of people in the community meditate for a few hours a day.

It would be very worth downloading the Openhand Breakthrough Meditation.

It's a good basic beginner and can take you a long way.

The meditation could also include consciously walking in nature. You may find this six senses meditation of value...

I would also recommend reading the Openhand Book Series, beginning with Breakthrough. They share the awakening experiences, how to facilitate them, and then take you on a journey right through the Ascension process...

Openhand Book Series

And maybe we'll see you on one of the courses sometime when. We'd be pleased to host you.

Wishing you well

Open :-)