Hi FT,

I feel for you - I know these kinds of situations are not easy.

The key that jumps right off the page for me, is the interplay between head and heart. We may feel an impulse to do something in the heart, but then the head does it's mental gymnastics around the various consequences and repercussions - before you know it, you've overwritten the heart impulse so its even hard to remember what you actually felt in the first place.

I think if you put your hand on your heart (so to speak), you already know what you're being called to do.

When I'm coaching people in these kinds of situations, I work to take them to a place where the fears aren't there. If there were no fears at all, and no obstacles, what would your heart want to do?

Feel into that. Build on that, but crucially without paying attention to the fears or possible repercussions that might come up with that choice.

Work to embody the new possibility first.

Once you've done that, then look at the fears individually. What do they touch inside? How do they contract you? These are the touch points of identification you need to get into.

Know that no pathway, that was ever worth taking, happened without fear, risk or challenge. The expansion of your soul happens through the constriction.

Work to let go of judgment. Just because your 4year old is happy now, doesn't mean her karma is not to explore change. So that might be a judgment on your part. The heart holds the higher interests of all life.

The only way to know, is to come from the heart and work forwards from this place. Watch the synchronicity supporting the feelings forwards.

And as I said earlier, I believe you already know the choice you're being invited to make.

Wishing you well

Open *OK*