I just wanted to share something that happened a little while back. I had planned a holiday with my family to La Gomera, and just before we went there Open-you announced you were moving to La Palma. I was wandering if it would be easy to catch a ferry over there to have a look because it looked so interesting! I messaged you to see if you would be around if you remember. Around that time I was working away reading a report for work, and I had one of those funny moments when you just know the universe is speaking to you. So I was reading this report, and my mind was wandering about holidays and La Palma, and how exciting it was that there might be retreats happening there. This thought happened just at the same split second as I read in my report these words " Location of the Energy Centre". It was one of those lightning bolt moments that you know mean something because of how you feel in yourself. The whole thing isn't even that relevant to me and my little life over here in Yorkshire! But it seemed to mean something. These days I trust myself and my intuition when it happens like that. So after reading your post above, I thought I would share this. I guess you are going to have an exciting time on La Palma! I hope to visit one day :)