This is what I feel in looking at this crop circle....The progressions of the human race up to and including the present day. All the circles emanate from the center, which is the Divine Source. Beginning at the top is the 1st Dimension and moving clockwise, the 2nd and the 3rd. The 4th is the transitional field between the lower the Dimensions and the higher fields beginning with the 5th. Called by many names, including the Astral Plane, it is the place of karma confrontation and processing, recognizing blockages and constrictions and releasing least for those who are working their way forward on the Path. And it is bumpy that is for sure aptly depicted by the bumpy shape attached to it. This is the collapse of everything 3rd Dimensional and where the 6th Mass Extinction of Earth and its inhabitants is taking place...a breaking apart of everything, and I do mean everything! calling into question all that we think/thought was real and eternally fixed. I feel that the Solar System itself mirrors this reality. Life of Earth seems to most of humanity to be in peril as the 6th M.E. progresses, throwing many into collapse other words, rather than looking inwardly for answers (most have no idea how to do that) humanity shakes a collective fist towards a god of its own making...(Lots of 'golden calves' are in the process of melting down), and/or scape-goating 'blame' onto something/someone else. Violence is will get worse. Fear and anger fuel much of the ''msm'' and the population as the negative opposition feeds on the last bits of energies available to them. Those who know that 'salvation' is inward and not an outward remedy, are moving into the 4th Dimension...the Asteroid Field in the Solar System...and are dealing with the karma of themselves, as well as the planet...always the two are tightly intertwined. Many of us are there now we are being banged about for sure but we are also accompanied by our twin flames' intercessions, and myriads of souls who have gone before us and who are happy to be asked to reach back with helping hands. We are NOT alone, although at times it certainly feels like it. From there we are ''extinct'' by design for a while we receive a much needed transitional rest and move into ''Mars''...the god of war, which is the last ''train-stop''. Other than renouncing all war-like tendencies remaining, there is nothing about this planet that can threaten us anymore. As we release all Mars wa natures within us, the planet Mars itself experiences release. Even now, certain beginning natural life forms are beginning to appear, along with a vapor of moisture to sustain it. We are vital in bringing all this about, as co-creators of the re-creation process. Lovely and peaceful really...and on the horizon is the unimaginable beauty and life of the 5th Dimension, awaiting our presence. It makes me joyful and full of Love and Light, this entire process. This is what I see in this crop-circle...I will be eager to experience other insights from all of you. Much Divine Love and Light to all of you. Sandrajaneenah ('Dancing White Buffalo Woman)