Well, how can I possibly sum up this week which has been easily the most touching, powerful, empowering, emotive and transformative week of my life. I'll write some personal highlights, though they can only give a basic idea of everything:

- Releasing so much anger at being left here on Earth, and reconnecting with the soul family and guides. Feeling the boundless, unconditional love!

- The banter, light-heartedness and joy that permeated the week, along with the deep, deep work - lets take life seriously without being serious!

- Trinity's wonderful cooking (but especially the deserts!)

- Sweet Child O' Mine on the bridge.

- Pool, wordplay and Sardines! Wonderful inner child expressions with all my brothers and sisters.

- All the signs and synchronicities. Getting followed by a massive paper dragon while free wheeling.

- Watching the personal, group, energetic and global 'story' unfold during the week.

- The amazing team work at each of the energetic sites - all working individually, yet enhancing each other.

- Standing up at the rock field, to discover that all the rocks I'd been connecting with has flowers on them that perfectly represented my soul configuration and origins.

- The crop circle! Reuniting with all my star soul origins (it turns out I'm a bit of a nomad) but especially with the wonderfully beautiful Andromedans! It blew me away to be an anchor for that energy coming in, although I felt really 'spacy' afterwards - thanks guys!

- Last, but definitely not least - being with the Openhand soul family.

Words cannot express how much you guys mean to me - each and every one of you holds a special place in my heart. If I could make these words jump off the page as you read them and embrace you all in a big bear hug, I would.

Finally, a special thanks to Open and Trinity. Open, you hold so much energy for us, supporting and yet catalysing, answering our bombardment of questions, even when you're exhausted - most of all shining a light for us to expand and empower ourselves. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Trinity, your angelic presence is so nurturing. You nurture us with you soul enhancing food and with your soul supporting energy. It was also a great pleasure have so much fun with you this week, brining so much life!

Much love to all, always.