Oh wow. A combination of my blessed morning coffee ;) and reading this thread has me on the ceiling in sheer joy. I feel so blessed to have experienced a truly amazing week with you guys, present, near and distant :) the word collaborative was shown to me on arriving home and I've learned so much form working in a group of such diversity yet all with the unifying thread of divine service.

Some where up there in the thread Open when talking about star souls you said you bring home to you, a dormant aspect of you comes alive again... I've felt it and I'm still feeling it. It's so freakin' AWESOME.

And yes Cathy, Viggo baby! Big love back to Erica and Shell and big love to you all - heart warming to meet in person new openhanders and connect on another level. Thanks for holding and facilitating the space Open and doing your best to herd the cats ;) and thanks Trinity for the delicious food and the reflection I needed at the perfect time.