Wow, what an amazing week! I had to pinch myself a few times during the week to know whether it was really real or just a dream. What to say? There is so much and yet so little to say. So let me just share something about what stood out for me most, namely the power of unity in diversity. Or as Open nicely put it earlier ‘sovereign, yet blending together like the colours of the rainbow’, which is exactly how I experienced the group dynamics throughout the week. A group of unique individual souls with very diverse qualities and energies blending together into a powerful, yet playful, force of nature.

How different this is from the typical push for uniformity and conformity from the matrix through politics, culture, religion, spiritual mainstream, the media, etc., which makes it so much easier to control and disempower people! Not surprising that mavericks are tyically condemned by the matrix for not fitting in, because they are beyond its control and thus a potential threat for its existence. What an amazing feeling it therefore was to spend a week in a high energy environment surrounded by fellow mavericks, without the need to comply or conform to anything other than my own uniqueness! It made me realise how much internal conditioning I still have around this and despite always having been a maverick at heart, how much I still tend to compare myself to others and how much shame, guilt and fear there is about ‘not fitting in’ and therefore ‘not being good enough’. And how in that way I give away my unique power and become more easy to influence and control. For example, when the ‘spiritual mainstream’ lady in the crop circle was calling us to all come together to join hands and kept on beckoning us ‘come in, come in’, I will admit that I did feel a certain pressure to give into her persistence, even though I didn’t feel like doing what she proposed. How liberating and empowering it then felt when our group just went its own way, with each of us doing their own unique thing within the crop circle!

So much gratitude to all my fellow rainbow mavericks, looking forward to further strengthen our contrasting unity along the path! And special gratitude to the Openhand energy for making it all possible!

With all my love!


P.S. Love the unedited Openhand style video! Particularly the very beginning with Jane searching for a spot to leave her DNA on the weak bridge ;).