Hey Alexis,
To me it feels true that whatever our origins we are here in the perfect place to further unfold our full beingness here and now.
And that starts just as we are now - all of what we experience now - the longing, the separation, the disintegration as well as the sense of aliveness, expansion and connection. These are all part of what you are here for. And as we each process the density we experience we are part of processing a greater field.
Spread your wings and feet the grit between your toes! There is loads of wonderful information on this site about how to works with where you find yourself right now whatever your origins. And loads of community too. You are definately not alone.
It's about reconnecting all the way from the highest realms to the deepest density.
I love this poem. It has been shared before here but it feels right today. With Love
Part One: The Star-Borne

In the Beginning
There was
But one Star,
The Star That We Are.

Merged as One,
We Shimmered and rotated
In the vast Heavens.

Each spark,
Each glowing ray,
Was the manifestation
Of our combined Essence.

Our Star
Was one being,
Containing everything.

Critical mass.
Our Star
Then imploded
Starry fragments
Of itself
And through.

Cascading fragments
Cast outwards
Upon Heaven’s currents,
Star Waves
Churning with
Debris of Star.

Split apart
The sky.
And ever

We held together
As best we could.
Our vision
On the One Star
That we had been,
That we truly are.

Rent apart
In mandalic display
Like fireworks
Illuminating the sky
In their brief Moment of glory.

Further apart…
Separate …
Remote …
Isolated …
Alone. …

We could
No smaller.
We developed
Into individualized
Units of consciousness.

This is termed
The Birth
Of the Angels.

Part Two: The Angels

You remember now
Flying so freely
Through the Heavens.

Separate, yes
But limitless,
Still remembering
Our Divine Origin
United as One
Vast Starry Being.

Unconditional Love
Flowed through us
As we danced and played
With our Angelic Brethren,
All of whom
Were but fragments
Of our One Star.

How could we not love
Those who were but mirrors
Of our whole, merged Self.
Each of us simply a facet
Of the same
shining crystal,
Rays of One radiant Star.

Ah, the games we played
In those Golden Days,
Combining our Essences
Into vast Heavenly Beings,
Filling the silent skies
With Waves of song,
Dancing joyously
In shimmering starlight.

And when we merged
The tender Essence of Love
With each other
Making Truest Love,
We sent rippling currents,
Rocking the star waves,
Birthing new galaxies
Spiraling ever outward
Across the celestial sea.

Our transparent bodies of Light
Sparkled with rainbow tints
As though brushed with dust of star
In truth, that they are.
Remember, we are a Star.

Now we were winged
Angelic wings that soared
Outstretched in fullest flight
Gliding effortlessly
Throughout the endless night.

Ah, the glory and the freedom
Of those bygone times,
So joyful and precious
Now that we know
What we chose to undergo.

Maybe now
You remember
As do I.
The memory fills me
With forgotten longing,
Banished tears
Raining down
My weary, worldly face.

Dare I speak of the Call,
That urgent summons to serve.

So many of us responded
And descended down to Earth.

At first, it was child’s play,
Angels openly creating on Earth,
Birthing a new Paradise,
Walking about with wings unfurled,
So magnificently huge and Heavenly,
Life on this planet was a delightful adventure.

Then dear ones,
I’ll remind you gently,
The Second Call sounded.
The Time of Decision had come.

Most of the Angels departed quickly
Returning to the Celestial Realms,
While all of us
Who hear these words,
We chose to remain and serve.

The task sounded simple.
Bring Heaven to Earth.
Transform the Third Dimension.

Naturally, we assumed
This could be completed
Effortlessly and quickly,
But, of course, that was before
We had ever experienced
The illusion of limitation,
Time and separation

Part Three: The Fall

Yes, the descent into matter
We remember it well
Although long has it been veiled
Hidden behind the mists of time.

The brightest of us
Volunteered willingly
For earthly service
By receiving that lethal blow
That locked us into the prison
Of density, of forgetting
Who we truly are.

Our experiences of the Fall
Are carried with us today.
Shock, betrayal, abandonment,
Deep sorrow, anger and guilt
Lodged within our cellular memory
Waiting until now to be released.

We forgot, dear ones,
We truly did.
Forgot our wings,
Forgot our Star,
Forgot our Divine Origin,
Forgot that we are Angels,
Forgot our limitlessness,
Forgot that we are One.

Thus we judged ourselves severely,
Adding upon ourselves the weight
Of unmeasured guilt and judgment,
For had we not vowed
Never, ever, to forget
The Star that we truly are.

But dearest Angelic Brethren
Please know within your hearts
That this too, Was preordained.
Forgetting was but a necessary part
Of the process of transmutation
Of third dimensional matter
That we, ourselves, had chosen to do.

Therefore, judge not yourself harshly.
You have not failed your mission.
Understand this and forgive,
For you must love yourself
That you may be healed and loved.

We of the Heavenly Realms
Who have remained at Home
Cradled in the heart of God
Have utmost love and gratitude for you.
We honor your sacrifice and service,
We understand the reasons why.
You need no longer cry

Part Four: The Golden Cord

During that timeless instant
That endured forever,
Heralding the onset of separation,
You, as an Angel, emitted
A stream of Golden Light,
A holographic projection
Of Yourself,
Downward, earthward,
A Golden Beam of Star
Stretching all the way into matter.
This was how your descended so far.

A tiny star seed embedded itself
Into the density of Earth,
Sent by shaft of Golden Star.
This seed was the only part of you
Which needed to descend so far.

Above in the starry Heavens,
Stood a huge Golden Angel
Watching over your.
This Angel is truly You,
Only you have long forgotten
That the part of you who incarnated
Was but a tiny fragment
Of the vastness of your Higher Self.

At this moment of the starseeding
Of planet Earth by the Angels,
There was experienced a sensation
Of splitting apart, of division,
Though, in truth, no separation
Ever took place.

The Golden Beam which brought you here
Has constantly remained in position,
A Golden Cord always connecting
You to your Golden, Solar Angel
From whence you were birthed,
To which you shall return,
That who you truly are.

This Golden Cord is really a ray
Of shining Golden Star,
Yes, the Star that we truly are!
See, my beloved ones,
That although we have long perceived
Ourselves to be far from Home,
We were never alone,
Or separate or lost.
We never left the arms of God.
We are Home right now.

This long Golden Cord
Has ever served us
As our link between
Spirit and matter,
Heaven and Earth.

Throughout your cycle of endless embodiments
This Golden Cord has remained intact,
Always connecting the earthly you
To your fully empowered Angelic Self.
Although you have often perceived
Your Golden Angel as being
Outside of you, separate from you,
As a Guardian Angel, perhaps.

This Celestial Guardian has guided you,
Ever protected and inspired you,
Enfolded you in all encompassing Love,
Understood you even more
Than you have understood yourself,
And judged you not!

Part Five: The Call

Now the call has sounded once again
Inspiring us to rise up and reawaken,
To shake off the shards of sleep
And remember what we once knew.

The Angels, those shining Golden Ones
Who have watched over us so patiently
Since the birth of time in dawn’s creation,
Call out to us with resonating Angelic song
To receive them, to acknowledge their Presence,
And to bring them inside ourselves
Into the full Light of conscious embodiment.

For to make the transition
From third dimension to fourth,
Fifth and ever beyond,
Climbing up the Golden Stairway,
Retracing our footprints back Home,
We must lift ourselves above duality,
We must balance and unite the opposites,
Melding the polarities back into the One.

Thus your Angel Calls out to you
To enter into your physical vehicle,
Anchoring down into your toes,
To surrender your identification
With your clamorous little self.
The ego which served you so well,
By bringing you to this door,
Serves you no more.
Now is the time to allow
The Divine to be your guide.

Never, ever before
Throughout the shifting sands
Of histories tides’ rising and falling,
Have the Angels been free to incarnate
Into the Earthly frequencies,
Anchoring themselves
Into the root of matter.

Now this is finally possible
For you have done your work here well,
Dear Servers of Divine Destiny,
By transmuting the density
Into ever higher octaves
Of accelerated vibrations of Light
You have hereby entered upon
The accelerated path homeward.

- Solara