Hi Gary,

Great to hear from you. Kundalini is indeed highly intelligent, but unfortunately all-to-frequently the ego gets in the way!

The activation of kundalini is necessary to advance down the spiritual path and to be connected to the source - kundalini is the natural flow of soul consciousness 'down' from the source, through the various layers of the bodymind, and back to the source again - when flowing freely as it is meant to, it leads to a blessed and divinely magical life.

However, for various complex reasons, the majority of people have been disconnected from this energy - by living unnatural lifestyles - separated from the natural flow of the universe. Society - and most people in it - are living in a highly conditioned eddy current of the flow. And within that, within each person, the soul has been fragmented into the lower bodily vehicles (mind, emotional body and physical body), and basically then plugged into the matrix through highly conditioned and repetitive behaviourisms, based around judgments - this is how we 'should' be in our relationships, careers or general living circumstances.

When we start to activate kundalini through meditation, for example, then what happens is we start to break down this conditioning and so the fragments of soul in the lower self begin to reconnect with the soul in the higher self - higher and lower begin to connect up, which in itself is the activation of kundalini and can feel incredibly blissful (as you describe).

But if kundalini is forced, through very excessive dogmatic and highly disciplined approaches, then it can initiate a strong 'upward' flow of kundalini but avoiding many of the soul fragments contained in the lower bodily field. The two can become disconnected, you can go out of body, and it becomes very hard to reintegrate. I've witnessed several people this has happened to, who've then become even bedridden because they have little connection to the consciousness of the soul in the physical body.

It can also lead to multiple personality disorder - where for example you might move into a higher mind state, which is not integrated through lower mind. This causes polarity and a the risk of schizophrenia - or the like.

These are the kinds of risks people are taking using forced kundalini practices - Halucinogens can cause this, such as Ayahausca and DMT for example.

In the Openhand approach, we mix different meditations incorporating breathing, movement and also nature. And not some fixed disciplined mode - but as you know, our primary approach is to get people to follow the soul - the soul, which is essentially activated kundalini, knows best of its own accord. If we listen to it, rather than a forced dogmatic approach, it will guide as to what the best practices in that particular moment are.

An essential thing I've spoken about in 5GATEWAYS, is the need to balance such meditation work through the chakras with the effects of the meditations in one's outer life. So if for example, you're working on the sacral chakra, to then watch the outer emotional impacts in one's relationships. Likewise, if you're working on the solar plexus, to look for inner child and teenager conditioning that might arise in family situations.

I've gone into great length about this in 5GATEWAYS (particularly Gateway 3) - the importance of integrating inner work into our outer lives. That way, kundalini is progressively activated and integrated directly into your life - it's not going to be dangerous, but a profound blessing.

Open *OK*