Lovely sharings indeed!

On the spiritual journey we each go through what are termed 'initiations'. I don't particularly like the word, so in 5GATEWAYS, I changed it to 'ceremonies'. It's where we enter a corridor of change. In the corridor, all of the reasons "why not to" hit you at once. You're tested emotionally, physically and mentally, and just when you need the guidance most, it can switch off because of the inner battle of transformation.

This is where we have to soften, and find depths of trust we never accessed before. In doing so, you soften your consciousness - your soul - into those previously obscuring layers which created distorted outer realities. It's only then that you can truly make sense as you forge a new pathway through the density.

Aspasia you said: "It is the allowing of the ‘body wisdom’/’inner wisdom’/soul to come through; the beingness which is already there, always to be trusted and which does not want to live a life of simple calculation." Indeed, Yes! And if I may add, it's the ray 7 or pure spontaneous magic that feels like it wants to now come through for you more strongly on the path. No surprises then that you'd have an affiliation with Quan Yin - who works on the seventh ray.

Jen, and in the love - in the ray 2 - look also for a deeper sense of the warrior. The ray 1 and commitment to change.

Much love

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