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I love what you say here Open.

What I see is where there is any fuzziness around the sense of where the movement is going, the fuzziness draws reflections of itself that cling to the fuzz within me. There is the perception that these outer manifestations make it harder to move forward, but I am just seeing myself. Yes, it's all perfect in that way - in that I see more and more that the fuzziness within me has to be addressed and then yes I may still face reflections of the old reality around me, but my own sense of focus gives me fortitude to face that. It feels like going through a tiny hole and there is a trimming and a shedding of unnecessary layers. The saying "you can't take it with you when you go" really resonates for me.

Thank you for the reflection on the ray 1 commitment to change...I needed to hear that as I keep just feeling it as the destruction of realities - yes there is a rightness in that too.

Aspasia - thank you for sharing the beautiful poem - so inspiring!

With love,

PS wow! Just woke from an illuminating dream... A teenage boy that I know was holding a blue dragonfly but wouldn't let it out the door... Instead he squeezed it until the head came off.. I was horrified and confronted him but he towered over me and held something sharp over my head... I felt intimidated and powerless... Wax filled my mouth and I could not speak. These are the images and sense I carry inside about the masculine... No wonder it's scary to embrace the aligned masculine within!