Open yes, I have been to put it..."activations" happening for quite some time now but more strongly in the last year or so. And it's getting stronger...also the conditions are there. It's lovely to know that someone else - you - can sense this.

Jessica, i'm totally with you on 'we are energy' indeed! How liberating!

Jen, thank you too for your generous sharings they always invite deeper reflection for the reader (myself included).

Cathy, I love this famous quote: "It strikes me that pure being flows through me when I laugh with wild abandon, at peace with what is, everything lit up and sparkling in those carefree moments!"

I totally laughed my socks off when I got lost on Dartmoor today (after thinking where the fuck am I? etc etc) and there was a lot of uncertainty! - had to laugh at it! Epic! Lots of little magical moments always manifest though. In one of those there was an amazing, meditative encounter with a dartmoor pony. She, a foal, was with her mother eating and wandering. Sat down beside them embracing the moment. The little girl slowly approached. Eventually, our noses and lips touched and we connected. It was the best ever moment! I was at the same time in awe, love, sadness and wonder!