It's about this time of year, once the Christmas festivities have died down, that we might find a degree more room for introspection, and an exploration of the things we feel we might want to change in our lives going forwards. Of course it's essential to frequently take stock, not just at New Year!

You might feel to change some pattern that's cropping up in your closest relationships - some disharmony perhaps? Or else it could be your job or general living. circumstances. Let's remember though, to change any of these things requires a change of beingness in us. What is the situation inviting you to change in you?

So I invite all reading, to browse the main article above, and especially the explanation of the 7 rays of beingness, because these are the real keys - you're looking for a new expression to come through - that's what really changes you beingness and life situation.

So I invite you all to share some key things that you feel need to change for you. I'll happily offer a supportive reflection...


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