Hi Alex - great that you've shared and are being honest with your situation - it always leads to breakthroughs. OK Hand Sign

Actually I've witnessed a good deal of procrastination leading to stagnation abound within the shift situation, and especially at this time of year, so no surprises that it's coming through and being expressed here. Writing Hand

Actually what I've found with stagnation, is that rays 2 and 3 can help greatly too. So the ray 2 being that of surrender, and the ray 3 that of honest inquiry - interpreting authentic reality. Let's explore this. With the ray 2, that of surrender, it's essential however that we're not in 'acceptance of anything goes' mode. What it means is to accept that some stagnation is happening, but feel and explore deeply into that. So be in the stagnation as a feeling inquiry. Watch the videos, yes, but be as present and inquiring as possible. And afterwards, feel into the effects of what that does to your consciousness, and crucially, without judging. Where self-judgment creeps in, there's the tendency to 'go blind' in your own consciousness and then you loose the thread so you can't find the source of the problem.

This is where the ray 3 becomes essential too - keep observing the situation, keep inquiring, keep feeling into with keen observation. It's always awareness and illumination that cracks any problem. Once you've seem the issues and felt them fully, and once you've seen how the negative patterns adversely affect you, that's when the ray 1 can come through to change the situation and behaviourisms themselves.

I don't wish to create this as a fixed strategy, however by looking for combinations of the rays in this way, can lead to more complete breakthroughs, especially in complex embedded situations.

Wishing you well in your inquiry

Open Praying Emoji
PS: for anyone else reading and wishing to understand what Openhand means by the "rays" of consciousness, scoll to the lead article at the top