I am feeling inspired to read the threads above from everyone, thank you.

Im struggling to let go of a long term addiction to sugar. Its grip on my pyche is significant and numbs me down in mind, body & spirit, considerably. Accompanying intestinal parasites and an out of balance micro-biome have wreaked havoc on my health and well-being for many years, so its not a quick fix, though I am open to miracles J  

These attachments to sugar addiction and unhealthiness are the things im letting go of, without fully knowing how. (many previous attempts have failed, though ive made many improvements, and lots of knowledge is not enough to address it.  It feels like im dealing with an alien entity possession that im housing in my gut and brain. I feel its presence and long to be free of it.

Ironically, whilst being low over Christmas and floored with the flu, I somehow got a sense of separation from it amidst a feverish state; glimmers of clarity and a sense of an ability to be free of it appeared, I just hope this lasts. Im taking the courage to share what im working towards letting go of here since ‘that which is revealed to light, becomes light itself’, and I know I’m in good company.

I long, in fact, often feel desperate, to be free of what’s been holding me back so that I can be of increasing service to shine an ever brighter light into the darkness of the world. I connect more in meditation and reflect on the 7 rays to see what emerges.  

Ironically, i'd intended to comment on this thread yesterday, but was also procrastinating by watching videos, and feeling overwhelmed with 3d tasks like resetting my password so i could log in.  Anyway, i had been reflecting on how overwhelmed i feel about my various chronic health challenges, and last night i was woken at what felt like 3-4 am to be 'shown' very clearly (a knowing - ray 5?) that Open was working on these collective issues in the field. I know it's my stuff to clear, and i kinda don't want to ask if you were working on healing for humanity in this way, as it felt so hope inspiring to feel im not alone in lifting the shakles. 

With much grattitude for your generous and loving presence Open.