Hi Indi,

It's wonderful that you connected here again, the warmth of your presence radiates volumes The Sun Emoji

So great that you persevered with the login - I think there is a big clue to the diet and cracking the sugar issue. Thumbs Up Sign

I was working on that almost immediately after my incarnation - the last 16 years basically, trying everything I could to find the right internal harmony. I feel like I've found it now, but that could only have happened with persistence and peseverence because there are many complexities and different influences counteracting each other (and entities playing in the mix as you rightly point out!).

The first thing I feel to offer is to suggest working to see this not as getting rid of something, which becomes a painful challenge and quite attaching, but rather a progressive illumination. So every iteration you come up with or explore into, becomes in itself another step to greater awareness and self-realisation. It's not a journey about diet, but spiritual integration!

I think it would be important to explore what the sense of consuming sugar gives you? Where is the truth in it that your being needs?

Maybe it's because you're an energy worker and the sugary foods (chocolate perhaps?) generate the endorphins providing the feel good factor? So can you find alternative ways of generating the endorphins where necessary, and if that happens to be in food, an essential thing would be to subsitute unhealthy and addictive - processed - sugars with healthy alternatives. So consuming raw chocolate instead with natural sweateners.

Do look at any self-judgment within the behaviour too, because here's where the blind spots are causing people to consume more than necessary, with then can then spiral.

Another big one, that seemed to influence many of the complexities, was the state of play with regards the gut biotics. So certain behaviours, especially energy work, can cause depletion through the excessive production of adrenaline which then gets deposited in the gut as acid. It increases the desire for consumption of the wrong type of foods. So transforming the gut biotics with alkalising foods, like grapes, pears, broccoli, kale, cellery and rather than rice grain, instead quinoa and millet.

Also shifting the balance from fats and sugars into more protein - chick peas, lentils etc.

Essentially there's a natural searching for some form of completion. But with a misaligned internal configuration, it creates a self-defeating spiral. The important thing is not to self judge - there is a natural requirement to honour. It's about increasing awareness of the processes and progessively switching to more healthy balances incrementally. Then you'll find over time you'll make lasting changes.

Wishing you bundles of support with that.

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