Thank you once again Open.

I love that: spiritual integration rather than getting rid of stuff, thank you – a ‘towards’ rather than moving ‘away from’ motivation, which reminds me that ‘that which we resist, most persists’ etc…it feels right, and powerful. I’ve been doing that, quietly & determinedly taking small intentional steps forward to support my vision of vitality and ultimate complete service, despite being challenged many days by fatigue and pain, i feed the constant thread of raising my vibration.  I am letting go of the false promise of sugar (interestingly rooted in slavery, something I am adverse to, having embodied that in a past life in a dark skin) I’ve been reflecting on what it’s been giving me, and it really is just a drug, that temporarily anethetises me from the pain of being a HSP and empath. I see more self love is called for, deeper nurturing. New recipies being planned and tried out. Feels good. More reparenting.  All good, what we do for one, we do for all. I am grateful for the journey.

Thank you for the info on alkelising and gut biome and blind spots, now added to my to do list.

Last week I made a decoupaged kitchen window pelmet in the colours of the spectrum and went on a food & drink fermenting workshop in Brighton, and suddenly my kitchen feels like a hive of powerful magic with all these jars of life giving alchemy bubbling away for me. I AM getting there. And despite being chronically unwell (only currently), I also feel very excited.  Remembering I am light and love, oness.

A heartful of love for the Openhand family and those on a similar spiralling journey home.