Hi Eduardo ,

What i have observed happens to me is that with people i'm comfortable my conversation is filled with more automatic responses and with others i would be more present and watching the stillness and tightness inside. If the conversation doesn't interest me , i dont feel to walk out on them for the risk of being hurtful but i would be engaged in the inner reaction to the conversation especially in the silent gaps.

I would also like to share something that happened to me some time earlier.
I was meditating in this quite and serene place and feeling quite peaceful myself. Out of nowhere this stranger comes to me engages me in conversation. I was loosing my inner stillness and was filled with myriad of thoughts like "Should i ignore him or tell him to mind his business? Wouldn't that be rude or should i engage in the conversation and hope that he goes away eventually?" While this was happening i remembered that its not about how i react to the situation but what is that bringing up in the process . How is that making me tight? And i started to accept this and found myself closing eyes comfortably amidst the silence. At the point it didnt matter to me what he thought of me.