Thank you Open, Richard and Vimal! Very helpful. I'm quoting some words of yours in case I need to come back here.

"If you question why you allow it to happen, then you'll have an important vehicle for spiritual growth. I often suggest having one 'eye' centred within, and the other on what's happening in the external."
"...being quiet is my authentic expression but it is not my personality, as others have judged it to be. Just because you're quiet in many situations, that doesn't mean that you're always a quiet person - it's just you being authentic in that moment."
"I remembered that its not about how I react to the situation but what is that bringing up in the process. How is that making me tight?"

By the way, it's worth saying that Openhand changed my life. It's amazing to be part of a community that really supports my growth. You will probably read more crazy questions in the following days! :D