I said I was in Gateway 2, but after reading 5GATEWAYS I realised I'm not even in Gateway 1, because I haven't passed through a major shift in consciousness yet. (forgive any english mistakes)

It's still difficult for me to keep the Observer in interactions with friends/lots of people, but I'm doing my best.

I have some more questions, by the way:
- Suppose that I sustain the "observer mode" for 1 week, for example. Then, after a busy day, my mind chatter turns on and I descend to the old consciousness. Do I lose ALL my progress?

- What really makes one transition from pre-awakening to Awakening (Gateway 1)? Is it the number of hours in observer mode? Or is it the number of contractions that one releases?

- What's the average time one takes to pass through Gateway 1? (I imagine it varies a lot from person to person, but what's your experience? Knowing this will make me more persistent!)

- To make sure I'm expanding my consciousness, the ideal is to remain feeling the inner stillness in EVERY MOMENT of my life? So whenever my mind starts to think, I must stop, surrender and reconnect? Because as far as I understood, in higher states you never think - you only act through guidance and that needs no thinking processes.

- I often feel gases in my stomach, which cause me a shallow breathing. I notice that if I burp, the gases tend to leave and my breath becomes fuller. Supposing the gases don't originate from bad alimentation, what causes them? Contractions? If so, can we point specific situations that I'm not integrating?

Thank you