Hi Eduardo,

Thanks for sharing your inquiry. Please find my perspective/observations below...

You asked:

    "- Suppose that I sustain the "observer mode" for 1 week, for example. Then, after a busy day, my mind chatter turns on and I descend to the old consciousness. Do I lose ALL my progress?"

No - not at all would you lose the progress. By being in awareness in this way, the soul will begin to integrate over time, and unless you completely turned away from it, the progress wouldn't be lost.

    "- What really makes one transition from pre-awakening to Awakening (Gateway 1)? Is it the number of hours in observer mode? Or is it the number of contractions that one releases?"

No, to me there's no specific formula. It's a strong and sustained shift in feeling that you're interconnected with all. This will at times come and go, but it will definitely keep returning if you've passed through the Awakening.

    "- What's the average time one takes to pass through Gateway 1?"

How long is a piece of string? No there isn't an average time. It varies completely from person to person. In any case, what would it matter what others are doing? What are YOU doing?

    "- To make sure I'm expanding my consciousness, the ideal is to remain feeling the inner stillness in EVERY MOMENT of my life? So whenever my mind starts to think, I must stop, surrender and reconnect? Because as far as I understood, in higher states you never think - you only act through guidance and that needs no thinking processes.

This is a common misconception. It's not about stopping what you're doing or stopping your thoughts. It's about the feeling of connectedness and expansion in the background of these - until you become that feeling. Then it's more like your being the sky, with thoughts - clouds - simply passing across.

    "- I often feel gases in my stomach, which cause me a shallow breathing. I notice that if I burp, the gases tend to leave and my breath becomes fuller. Supposing the gases don't originate from bad alimentation, what causes them? Contractions? If so, can we point specific situations that I'm not integrating?

Firstly what is your diet like? Moving to a plant based diet with minimal processed food will likely be a good start. But then there's the requirement to go even deeper and look at combinations of foods and when you eat - it's a pretty big exploration which I couldn't answer succinctly here. It would probably help to take a look at this article...


I also feel it goes deeper into energy processing. So if you're being the observer a good deal and meditating plenty, then your bodily field will naturally begin to process and release denser energy. People often do things like burp or yawn. I would say this is a part of it too.

I trust this helps

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