Hi Katie,

Actually I've come across a 'tower block' metaphor several times before in working with people.

How it's manifested is that layers of filtering in the psyche reveal themselves within the explorations. These seem to create 'layers of personality'. It's not necessarily that different personalities reveal (although that does happen too), it's much more subtle than that. So the best way to describe it, is loops of behaviourisms - or of beingness - that aren't fully integrated with the whole. So fragments of soul separate into these layers whenever something activates them.

At times I've witnessed these layers - the tower block - imploding, layer upon layer leading to temporary psychosis - but it's fine as long as one keeps picking up the threads of soul light and don't try to make sense of the fragmenting layers.

In your case, I feel to ask is there some aspect of your past that you've distanced yourself from? Clearly you have a very magical, otherworldy existence in Kiama. How did you manage to so effectively extract yourself from the suburbs of South London? Are there any old structures inside that you haven't yet fully broken down?

Sending love

Open <3
(PS - interesting synchronicity that your studio is set to be demolished!)