Dear Katie,

Your sharing stirred an old memory. I also had a repetitive dream/vision of finding myself in a tower (in my vision there was only one). The tower had features of various places I lived in. The feel was that I forgot something very important there. There was a sense of restlessness as I couldn’t remember what it was. The tower “wanted” to fall apart, but there was something still alive there, something I had to find.

The following impressions came up when I read your sharing:
- Something ancient, lost, an old ruin-like structure, it is ready to collapse, except some parts of it are still unresolved (this can just be the association with my own experience)
- The sense of deprivation spiked up strongly, also the shame (of it?) and dissociation (going to a void-like state while visiting the places that were neglected)
- Neglect – might there be something within you that keeps being overlooked?

With love