Dear Katie,

Thank you for sharing your feelings. This thread and everybody's input 's helping to loosen up something within me.

I felt like circling back as new feelings came into view after your response:

Ancient - very very old; the very beginning; close to the Source; an initial kink; the original "sin", no sense that this is a human or physical experience. I'm feeling an old thread connecting us both through this memory. It does't resemble any known experience.

I'll do the same as you... just sit quietly with it, no words, no need for an outcome... just space. Somehow, a relief and joy are coming to forefront, also a sense of a great importance. Also, when I tune into it, my body switches to a very high vibration and it is difficult for me to handle it (nausea). The importance of good nutrition can't be underestimated (I've been slacking recently)... :-o

Take care, everyone :-)