Hi Katie,

I'm really glad to hear that our feedback helped. I relate to your journey around family expectations. For a time, I imprisoned myself in a tower of meeting those expectations. When I turned forty, I began to break free from the unhealthy confluence. It's been quite a journey since then of painful deaths and rebirths. In my early twenties, I was really fearful of ending up in a psych ward. Lots of old karma around this and around failing family in past lives, feeling guilt and shame and becoming overly responsible in this lifetime to compensate for those feelings. Like you, I managed to avoid the psych ward and eventually moved away to a beautiful, far away land, which helped. Transforming the energetic ties that remained has been tough. But I feel a much greater sense of peace and acceptance about all of this and am now able to speak openly and honestly to certain family members about my journey. And I'm vigilant about getting caught up in tangled expectations again. A few incidents have arisen these past few years to test my resolve. My warrior energy really kicked in but also anger which I've done my best to process.

x Cathy